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Adding Two Factor Authentication (Admin Panel)

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Keeping your online accounts secure is becoming more and more important.   There are some accounts that you feel comfortable about having only a password to protect access to them but there are others such as your bank, credit card companies, etc, that would benefit from an extra layer of protection.  We feel that your account here is one of those important accounts to keep extra safe.  First you need a way to authenticate yourself and the most convenient and well used way is through an app on your smartphone.  There are numerous apps out there but the most popular ones are Google Authenticator and others like Authy.  If you would like to read more about how to use two factor authentication, I recommend reading this page at Authy.

if you would like to keep your admin account here safe, please consider setting up Two Factor Authentication.  The admin account is the only place that you can add or delete email addresses and change your email account passwords.  Even if someone somehow guessed your email password and changed it to lock you out (because maybe you left it on a sticky note somewhere… I’ve seen this myself!) they would not be able to get into your admin account without your smartphone app’s code.   You could then log into your admin and change the password to something new so you can log in.   Here’s how to set that up:

Download the Authy authenticator app for your smartphone. The link takes you to their download page or you can also find it in both the Android and Apple app stores.  Our admin panel does not support Google Authenticator at this time.

Once you get that app installed, log in to your admin panel in your browser by clicking here.  That will open in a new tab so you can look back at this page.

If you have never enabled it, you should see a read warning at the top recommending that you enable two factor authentication.

Click the tab at the top that says “2FA”

Click “enable”

It will then guide you through the process of enabling two factor authentication for your account.

Once you get that done, you will always need the app when logging into your admin panel.  You fill in your password and then ADD the 6 digit authenticator numbers to the END of your password and click to log in. 

We hope this helps you secure your account!  If you have any problems or questions, please fill out our contact form to open a support ticket.