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Android Mobile Device Setup

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When you have your phone or tablet on, please go into your Settings area and then Accounts.  You will see something similar to what I have below. 

Please choose “Email” on this screen.

When you see the following screen, please choose “Other Providers”

Enter your email address here.

Choose IMAP as your account type
(I’m pretty sure you do not want to be downloading all the email off the server to your device through POP)

Type in your email address password (not the admin or billing password, type in the one for your individual email address)

The incoming server settings are as follows:

Username: your email address
Password: your email address password
Port: 993
Security Type: SSL/TLS


Outgoing Server Settings are as follows:

SMTP Server:
Port: 465
Security Type: SSL/TLS

The next screen is account options and they are completely personal so you choose what you want to use:

You should see a confirmation page like this one when it is done:

Then you can use your email app to add the account to and check your messages:

If you have any questions or issues setting up your Android phone, please contact us and open a support ticket.  We will be happy to help!