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Changing from Chrome to Firefox

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When trying to lessen Google’s influence and spying over my online life, I decided to stop using Chrome as my internet browser.  It was a hard choice because Google has made it so nice with all the integrations it has with your email, your browser, your search engines, your documents.  I decided enough was enough, though.  I wasn’t going to be their product any longer.  Or at least I was going to be LESS of a product for them.  I changed my browser to Firefox.  It’s actually a nice browser and they concentrate on privacy for their users.

If you want to try out Firefox, it only takes a little bit of time to download and install it.  You can even import all your Chrome settings, cookies, bookmarks, etc, in there to see how it all works.

Click here to download the latest Firefox.

Here’s an article on their website about how to get all your Chrome information into Firefox. 

That should get you started!  I know that getting away from Google’s eyes is not an easy task but this is another way (in addition to using our email service instead of gmail) to help take back some of your personal privacy.