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How Does It All Work Together?

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You may be wondering about the different “panels” that you have available to you here and how it all works together.  Let me give you a run down:

Billing Panel: After registration, you have access to the Billing Panel at This is where you do all things that have to do with your billing account.  Click here for the Biling Panel Overview.,

  1. View your original setup information to see what settings you need for the various email apps and programs.
  2. Change your billing panel password
  3. Change your billing information such as credit card number, name, contact email address, etc.
  4. Add email services so that you can add more email addresses (see this article on Adding and Removing Services)
  5. Delete email services to get rid of email addresses you no longer want (note that you will need to delete your email address in the admin panel before you can downgrade)
  6. View Invoices
  7. Cancel your account.

Admin Panel: The admin panel is used to administrate your email addresses.  If you upgrade and add an email account in your billing area, you can then log into your admin panel and set it up. Click here for the Admin Panel Overview article.

The admin panel will allow you to:

  1. Set up a new email address
  2. Delete an unwanted email address
  3. Change the password of your email address
  4. Easily log into your account if you forget your email password
  5. Set up Two Factor Authentication.
  6. Change the admin panel password (don’t forget to change the billing panel password to match if you want)

It all works together easily once you understand what each panel is for.  We will continue to update this knowledge base as questions are asked and we see something hasn’t been addressed.  Please feel free to contact us with more questions by clicking the blue Help button in the lower right of your screen or filling out the contact form here: