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ILJ Email Webmail Overview

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Video coming soon.

You can get to your webmail interface by going to either or  Those will take you to the corresponding email interfaces at our service provider ( webmail login screen

Choose the domain of your email and put in your username and password.  You can choose if you want the computer to remember your login and then click Next.

The first screen you will be seeing is the email tab.  It looks like this: webmail email tab interface

You will see the folders you have such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam, and any you have created on the far left, the list of your messages in your inbox in the middle and when you click an email subject you will see the content of your message over in the right column.

The tab is the Address Book and it looks like this: webmail address book

You can add, delete, and edit your contacts in this area. 

The Calendar is the next tab over and it looks like…. a calendar.  🙂 webmail calendar

You can see different ways to display the calendar in the menu above it along with settings.  You can also add events to your calendar and have it send reminders.  We will have more on the calendar and it’s uses in our knowledge base soon.

The files area is for you to upload any files that you want to keep online.  More about file storage coming soon. webmail files area

The tasks area is your todo list that keeps you going! webmail tasks

You can also get to these areas with the drop down menu in the upper right: webmail dropdown menu

That’s the overview of the webmail interface.  We will have more specific articles up in the knowledge base in the coming days and weeks.  Please keep an eye out for those or you can contact us any time with questions!