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iPhone Email Setup

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Not sure how to check your ILJ Email account in your iPhone?  We have you covered (with lots of pictures!)

Go to your Settings in your iPhone.  That icon looks similar to this:

Once your Settings have been pulled up, look for Passwords & Accounts:

Then in Passwords and Accounts area, look for “Add Account”

In Add Accounts area, choose “Other” which will most likely be at the bottom of your list.  Your list will probably not look exactly like mine.

Then, once you are setting up “Other”, choose “Add Mail Account”

In the New Account area it will ask for your name, email, password, and a description of the account.

Here’s the example I’m using today:

After you put in your personal information, you may see a screen like the one below where it asks you to put in this information manually.  If it has different settings than the ones you see below, change it to match what you see in this screenshot:

Username/Password: (your email address and the password you chose for it)
Outgoing Email Settings:

Choose “Next” in the upper right.  You will see this screen.  Enable Mail if it’s not enabled already and choose “Save” in the upper right.

You should see something similar to this in your Passwords and Accounts area if you go back to it.

Now you can go to your Email App and you should see your new account ready to check email.  Here you can choose to see All Inboxes which will show you email that is coming to all email accounts you have set up on your iphone (including the one) or you can choose to view them separately.

I hope this helps you set up your new ILJ Email account in your iOS device!   Setting up on an iPad should be the same process.  If you have any questions or problems, please open a support ticket by filling out our contact form or you can directly email

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