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Why Pay for Email?

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Unfortunately, over the past few years it has become painfully obvious that what we thought we had much more privacy than we did. We have become products instead of customers as we travel the web and yes, even as we check our emails. The free email options out there may be convenient but it still comes at a price.

We want to help bring some of the privacy back into the hands of those that deserve it.  Even though we can’t offer it for free, we can offer you benefits that you won’t get at the “free” places.

ILJ Mail Doesn’t Track You

We are not part of any advertisement tracking services or programs. We do not put web “beacons” on our website or anywhere in our services. Once you leave, we don’t want or need to know where you go.  If you see an ad for us while you are on another website, it’s pure coincidence, not because you were tracked.  Feel free to check our page source.  The only thing we use is analytics to help us figure out how many visitors we have and what pages are the most popular in our website.  Cookies are used to help personalize services for you while you are here.

ILJ Mail Doesn’t Scan Emails for Marketing

We do not scan your email messages or profile you for marketing or other data sharing purposes. We don’t read your emails and your data is right where it belongs. Private.

ILJ Mail Doesn’t “Pre-Grab” Form Data

We do not pre fetch data as you are filling in forms. Did you know some places do that? They get your information even if you never click “submit” and leave the website. That is sneaky and underhanded. We don’t do that here.

Privacy is top priority at ILJ Mail

We respect your privacy just as we want ours respected. Employees at ILJ Email all use the same service you do and we want our data protected just as much.

Easy, Recognizable Email Address

We offer the use of our domain names for an easy to remember and easy to share email address!