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How to Contact Support
Last Updated 3 months ago

If you need to contact support after looking through the knowledge base here, you are in the right place! All you need to do is scroll up and click on "Open a New Ticket". That will start you on your way to getting in touch with one of us.

Important: If you do not get an automatic email reply within several minutes of opening a ticket, please check your spam folder or quarantine to make sure that our emails haven't been automatically sent there. If you do find it there, please make sure to add the email address it came from to your contact list so that emails from us will be delivered to your inbox in the future.

If it has been an hour since you opened the ticket and never got the auto reply letting you know that we received your message, please let us know that there might be a problem by filling out our general contact form or you can also contact us on Facebook if that's more convenient.

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