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Adding and Removing Email Addresses
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If you would like to add an email address to your account or remove one, we have those instructions below. It's a multi step process in two different panels so please read through these instructions before you make any changes to your account.

Log into the Billing Panel at

Adding Services

If you want to ADD an email address to your account, you will first need to pay for it. Click on the word "Plan" in the upper menu across the top left. You will see something like this:

To ADD an email to your account, choose if that email will be a Basic or Enhanced account and click the green plus symbol over on the left to add that quantity to your account.

PLEASE NOTE: if you paid for your account yearly, this will bill you for another email address based on the current YEARLY pricing. If you paid $39.99 for your first email account, then you will be billed $39.99 for any subsequent basic email address you add and $59.99 for any subsequent Enhanced email address you add. If you paid monthly, it will add the monthly pricing and bill you for your new email address on a monthly basis along with your first email.

Click to confirm you want to add the service to your account and it will charge your payment method. You can see your invoices in the invoice area of the billing panel here.

Once you have added the service in your billing panel, you can go to the Admin Panel and set up your new email address. Click on the link that says "Manage Mailboxes" or click here to access your admin panel.

In your Admin Panel, click Users at the top panel then click the New User button (its blue). The following screen will pop up:


You can choose the domain you want to use for your email address at the top, then type in the username (the part that you want before the @ in the email address), your new email address password and choose the type of account you just purchased. Type in the name of the user and then you can specify the quota if you want to. You will have a total of 25GB multiplied by the amount of services you have purchased to apply. You can then choose your language and if you want that user to be able to set up 2 Factor Authentication for their email address. Then you will click the blue "Add New User" button and you are done! You can start using your new email address.

Deleting Services

If you only have one email address and you want to cancel your services, please click here for the appropriate article.

If you have more than one email address with us, you can delete one if you no longer wish to use it. You will need to do this in two separate places as above only in the opposite order. You will not be able to downgrade your billing until you have deleted the proper amount of email addresses in your admin panel.

Log into your admin panel here.

Click the Users menu at the top and you will see something similar to this screen:


Click the checkbox next to the email address that you wish to delete and then click the red "Delete" button. Please note this is immediate and final. All email in your email account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to use this account or check your email that was contained there. If you need to download your email first, then set up a POP3 access to your account in an email program and download your email there. Then come back here to delete your email address.

You will then be able to either:

  1. Add a new user if you just wanted to use a different email address
  2. Delete a service within the billing panel
To downgrade your billing account so that it no longer charges you for the deleted email address, you can now go to the Billing Panel, click on "Plan" at the top, and decrease the amount of services you have by clicking the red minus symbol beside the account type you just deleted.

Please note: All services are non refundable. You will not receive a refund for deleting a service.

If you have any more questions, feel free to open up a ticket! We are happy to help!

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