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Active Sync Android (Enhanced Accounts Only)
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ActiveSync will allow your Enhanced Account email addresses to seamlessly sync with your mobile device so that you can not only check your email messages, but you can also have your calendar, address book, and tasks sync as well.

This particular article is how to add your account to your android account and was done on a Samsung device.

First, go to the Settings app then press Cloud and Accounts (this could be different for non Samsung devices but the name will be similar)

Next, choose "Add Account" at the bottom

Choose "Microsoft Exchange" on the next screen. This is not an actual MS Exchange account but this is how it syncs.


Type in your email address and password.


My phone manufacturer made me agree to a Privacy Policy but yours may be different. This is your choice. It would not let me go forward without agreeing to it so it is a personal choice to use this or not on any given device. We are not responsible for other company's policies.

Choose to "Configure Manually" when given a choice

Put your email address in both "Email Address" and "Domain\Username" boxes and then type your password in the password box.

When you get to the "Exchange Server" area, type in one of the following:

For users of, you will use:
For users of, you will use

(these are the webmail access urls as well)


I personally got a rather large warning about allowing this to have administrative access to my tablet when I was setting this up. I am not sure if you will get a similar warning or not. By asking for administrative access to the tablet, it does give it many permissions (as other apps you might give administrative access) but there are no options I know of on our service side to do the things it warned me about. I went ahead and told it to activate. If you get this warning, it's up to you as to if you want to give it those permissions or not. You can't use the service without giving those permissions so it's completely your choice.

Click next and it should show you the screen where you can choose what you want to sync.


The last screen should ask you if you wanted to set your name for your outgoing emails and this account should show up in your accounts list.


Now you can check your email in your email app and show the calendar in your calendar app.

If you have any problems, please let us know! We are always happy to help.

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