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Does ILJ Mail Track Me?
Last Updated 3 months ago

Levels of Tracking

There are a few ways that websites can "track" you. At the most basic level, a website will add a "cookie" to your browser so that they will know if you come back to the website that you are a returning guest. This helps the website tailor itself to your needs. Additionally, they can track you as you visit different pages in their website so that they can keep up with how many visitors they have had and where they go on the site. This helps with design and figuring out what people need on the website. The most intrusive way to be tracked is when the websites you visit are on an ad network and have a "beacon" on their website that allows Google to track you as you move on to other websites. That is why you see ads for the first site you visited on the new websites you discover.

Our Website

When you are on, ILJ Mail uses statistics software to tell us how many people visit our website and what pages they are visiting and places a cookie in your browser for website customization. This does not identify you personally in any way.

We do NOT track you within your email, admin area or billing panel.

We do NOT put a beacon on our website that follows you around on the web. We are not part of Google's ad system (or anyone else's for that matter) and we are not interested in where you go when you leave our website. That is your business only.

We respect your privacy.

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