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How to Sign Up For an Account
Last Updated 3 months ago

You want to know how to get your very own or email address? We are glad you asked! Look over this page first for a good overview of how to sign up. First, visit our registration page at - that link will open in a new tab for your convenience. You will see the screen below.


This first are is where you choose the email address you wish to use here at our service. Type in the username you want and then choose either or over at the drop down list. Once you click in the password area, it should tell you if your username is available or not. If not, please choose another one, if so, then proceed to the password area.

Choose a secure password! The password must be 8 characters and include at least one UPPER case, one lowercase letter, a number and symbols such as !@#.

The "Add another email" button is if you want more than one email address under your payment account. They each cost the same subscription.

The next section is for your billing information. This is necessary for us to be able to charge you for your subscription. Please use an off network email address and choose a separate password than your email. The email area is for your BILLING email. This needs to be an email address you already have where we can send your account information and use for password retrieval, etc. It needs to be outside our domains so it does not need to be an or email address.

Your order summary will show your payment option (monthly or yearly) and your total. If you have a coupon, this is the place to put it in.

Once you register, you will automatically be logged in to your billing panel. If not, please go to to log in with your off network email address and password.

If you need further help, please feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to help!

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