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Email User Control Panel
Last Updated 3 months ago

You can get to your email specific settings by either clicking your profile image in webmail and choosing "User Settings" or you can go straight there by clicking here and then signing in with your email address and password (the email address you are wanting to change settings for!).

In this control panel you can:

  1. Change your email address password. This is for your email only. This will not change your admin panel or billing panel passwords.
  2. Set a Vacation Message
  3. Monitor your Spam Quarantine so you can whitelist false positives or change settings. (Don't be fooled by what you see there! Spam can be very convincing. If you need help figuring it out, please let us know.
  4. Change your local time zone.
  5. Forward your mail to another email account.
  6. Make email extensions.
  7. Track Deliveries
  8. Manage folders.
  9. Make Delivery rules
  10. Cleanup folders
  11. Monitor logins
  12. Set application passwords for getting email in apps that do not support two factor authentication codes.
If you have questions about any of these settings, please feel free to open a ticket at the top of the page. We are here to help!

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