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Active Sync iOS (Enhanced Accounts)
Last Updated 2 months ago

ActiveSync will allow your Enhanced Account email addresses to seamlessly sync with your mobile device so that you can not only check your email messages, but you can also have your calendar, address book, and tasks sync as well.

This particular article is how to add your account to your iPhone.

First, go to the Settings app then press Passwords & Accounts.

Next, choose "Add Account" at the bottom

Choose "Exchange" on the next screen. This is not a MS Exchange account but this is how it syncs.


Type in your email address and give it a description that you will want on your phone.

When you get to the screen asking if you want to sign into your exchange account using Microsoft, choose "Configure Manually".

The next screen will have your email and description filled in but now it needs you to put in your email account password (remember, this is the password for your email address, not your billing/admin account)


On the next screen, you will need to fill in your server and username (your email address)
For users of, you will use:
For users of, you will use
(these are the webmail access urls as well)


Click next and it should show you the screen where you can choose what you want to sync.

The last screen should show your new account in your accounts list. Now you can check your email in your email app and show the calendar in your calendar app.

We hope this article helped you today! If you have further questions, please feel free to open a ticket at the top of this page. We are happy to help!

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