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Using The File Storage
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Every Basic level email account has 25 GB of email storage and 5 GB of file storage. The Enhanced accounts have 25 GB of email storage and 15GB of file storage. (15GB = 15,000MB)

At the time of this article creation, our file storage is storage only. You can upload files of many kinds but you can't edit them without downloading them first and then re-uploading. Our upstream provider is working in the background on a custom connection with an open source program to be able to edit your files online in a professional, office like environment. We are hoping to see this implemented by the end of 2019. We don't want to promise a date because it is custom code that has to be tested and bugs squashed, etc, before we can release it to you. It is being worked on, though, so you can be expecting it in the future. We are very excited about it!

If you want to Upload a file, you just need to choose the "Upload" button next to the up arrow under the Files tab within your webmail interface. It looks like this:


Any files you upload there are stored on our servers and will be available for you when you need them. The icons up at the top identify things you can do within this interface. You can create a new document or folder by clicking the + New icon, you can upload a file from your computer by clicking the up arrow Upload icon, you can refresh your list with the round arrow icon, if you select a file below, you can choose the trash can to delete a file. You can use the scissors to cut, the icon next to it to copy and then the last icon will show up to paste as well.

If you want to organize and create new folders, you can do that by choosing "New" then down to "Folder". It will ask you to name it and then it will show up in your file list. You can then drag your files into the folder if desired.

If you want more options with your file, you select the file and a new interface comes up over on the right side of the screen. If you do not see this screen, look for this icon over on the right to click underneath the user portrait:


If you would like to share your file with someone else, right click the file and choose "Create Download Link"


Choose a day for this download link to expire (anyone with the link will lose access to the file after this date)


Then the following new text will show up on the right side of the screen.


Right click the link and choose "copy link location" to copy the web address to your clipboard. Then you can paste that into an email or messaging program of your choice to share it with someone else.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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