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Disposable Email Addresses
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There's been many times I've wanted to sign up for a newsletter to see what it was about and then decided I didn't want it after all. Most of the time they will honor your "unsubscribe" request but sometimes they do not. I have even had the unfortunate experience of a website whose webmaster didn't check on their newsletter settings very well and the link was broken, etc. (yes, in this case I don't think it was done on purpose) With disposable email addresses, you can have a unique email address for anything you want to sign up for but aren't sure will honor any unsubscribe requests or to sign up for an account that you won't use more than once. Here's how you do that in our system.

You can review this short video or scroll on past for the written version. If this video is too small, click the "Enter Full Size" icon to maximize the video
Just an warning: There are a lot of advanced settings in the email user control panel so if you aren't familiar with what they do, please review our "User Control Panel" knowledge base article by clicking here.

In this example we will use "news" as the disposable email address you want to create. If you main email address is then your disposable email address will be

Log into the email address you want to have disposable addresses for. If you are already in your webmail interface, you can click on your profile icon in the upper right of your screen and choose "User Settings".

Alternatively, you can go to the User Control Panel by clicking here.

Log in with your email address and email password.

Click on Extensions icon (image of a plus sign)


Click on the Add Extension Button.

For this example, remember we are using "news" as our address.

Enter news as the extension name.

Enter your email address as the Deliver to address.

Click on Add extension.


This is how it will look when done and you click the extensions button:


Now you can receive emails at! Very useful for one use sign ups.

Once you are done with this disposable email extension, you can go back to this menu and click the minus sign next to it. You will no longer receive email at that address.

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